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Ducobu filming at the Grotto - Back in 2015!

 September 29, 2022
 2 minutes approx.

A part of the movie "Vacances de Ducobu" was shot in the cave, did you know that?
In 2012, the team of the filming of "Ducobu's vacations" chose the cave of Saint Cézaire for one of the key scenes of this film.


The trailer of Ducobu

Perhaps you have seen this film on television?
Come and immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere created by the context of the cave.


Shooting Ducobu in the cave


The bell rings and it's the liberation for the student Ducobu.
Finally the vacations, far from Latouche and his diabolical dictations !!!
Comic books, Mickey Club, ice cream galore...
Ducobu has hardly time to rejoice when his father announces a completely different program.

They leave with Gratin's family. With Léonie and her mother, it's more like waking up at dawn, museums and revisions.
And to crown it all... Ducobu runs into Latouche and Mademoiselle Rateau who have also come on vacation to the campsite.
The nightmare !!!

Fortunately, chance puts a mysterious map on his path. Thanks to his ingenuity, Ducobu deciphers the enigma and sets out to find a lost pirate treasure.
The king of cheating becomes the king of adventure and the real vacations can begin!...


ducobu at the cave

The Ducobu team at the cave

At the cave of Saint Cézaire were present :
- Elie Semoun, Maitre Latouche
- Joséphine de Meaux, Miss Rateau
- Vincent Claude : L'élève Ducobu
- Julette Chappey, Léonie Gratin
- Héléna Noguerra, Mother Adeline Gratin ...

This key scene of the film is shot in the "open to the public" part of the cave. cave.
It allows us to understand how, by playing a musical tune on the organs (musical stalactites) of the cave, Ducobu succeeds in triggering a secret mechanism allowing to free the golden idol!

Organs of the cave - shooting ducobu

Jules the skeleton


Luck doesn't smile on everyone the secret idol on the trail of the ancient pirates

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Léonie's adventure

True to her character of adventurer in the film, the young interpreter (13 years old!) of Léonie Gratin, Juliette Chappey, particularly looked forward to the scenes of the drakkar and the cave, where she had to rappel.
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