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Food Truck la Weasel

A moment of sharing and conviviality

Barbara, the chef, promises you a great moment of convivial sharing and beautiful encounters during a lunch break or a snack.

Cooking is an art that needs fantasy... that's the spirit of the weasel!

A privileged place

Eating in the shade of pines and oaks

La Belette food truck welcomes you in the middle of nature, at the entrance of the Domaine de la Grotte.
You can enjoy a lunch break or a snack, with family or friends, in the calm of a preserved nature.

I reserve

Salty desires

  • Salads10 € - 11,50€
  • Hot dogs7 €
  • Sandwiches / Burgers9 € - 11 €
  • The improv of the moment9 €
  • Tray of French fries3 €
  • Children's menu6 €

Sweet cravings

  • Waffles3 € - 4 €
  • Dessert in vitreine3,50 €
  • Ice cream3,50 €


  • Coffee - Tea1,50 € / 2 €
  • Sodas2,50 €
  • Beers3,50 € - 4,50 €
  • Glass of wine2,50 €

In summer, the programme includes

La Belette's Afters

In the heart of the domain of the cave, enjoy a moment with friends or family.
On the programme: good food: tapas, planchas..., music: band, DJ, karaoke...


Saturday 03 September 2022- Karaoke Night

The last night of the season at La Belette!!! Karaoke at la Belette Family

Hosted by Nicolas Lorenzelli

See you this Saturday at 8pm at the Domaine

Remember to reserve, places are limited .....

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Friday, July 02, 2022 - Rock Night

CarWash Group

Rock After party with band and meal on reservation.

Rock night

Outchi Outcha Group - 2022

Rock After party with band and meal on reservation.

The Cave Estate

For an unforgettable day

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