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Mini-Golf open from April 1 to November 13

from July 1st to August 31st

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Closing of the cash desk at 17:30

September 1 to November 13

wednesday & saturday 1pm/6pm

Sunday 10h/18h

Open every day during the All Saints' vacation, from 1 to 6 p.m.

Closing of the cash registers at 4:30 pm




Children (under 14)


Free with entry to accrobranche (except July and August)



06 61 88 74 06


[email protected]

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Mini-golf in the heart of the Pre-Alps

Welcome to the Domaine de la Grotte de Saint-Cézaire mini-golf course, nestled in the heart of the magnificent Pre-Alps and surrounded by lush nature. Get ready for a unique mini-golf experience in an enchanting setting!

Mini-golf at the Domaine de la Grotte de Saint-Cézaire offers a peaceful, relaxing experience away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take time to appreciate nature and breathe in the fresh air while honing your golf skills.

For young and old


This mini-golf course features 9 exciting holes that will take you on a journey through an exceptional natural landscape. Each hole is carefully designed to challenge your skills while providing a moment of relaxation and enjoyment.

Imagine tossing your ball through winding tunnels, leaping over small streams and avoiding cleverly placed obstacles, all in the refreshing shade of majestic oak trees. Every shot is an opportunity to marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you.

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The Domaine de la Grotte de Saint-Cézaire mini-golf course is a real gem for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Get ready to have an unforgettable time, perfect your golfing skills and create magical memories in this exceptional natural setting.

So book your game, get ready to challenge the holes and enjoy the soothing shade of the great oaks. May every shot be precise, every moment be filled with natural beauty, and your mini-golf experience be nothing short of extraordinary!

Domaine de la Grotte

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Domaine de la Grotte de Saint-Cezaire


Mini-golf in an exceptional natural setting

Let yourself be enchanted by the mini-golf course at the heart of the magnificent Grotte de Saint-Cézaire estate.
Immerse yourself in an exceptional natural landscape in the middle of the Pre-Alps, where every shot becomes a magical adventure.

A 9-hole course set in unspoilt countryside

Nine captivating holes take you through unspoilt nature.
Admire the majestic oak trees that provide refreshing shade along the way, creating a unique atmosphere for your game of mini-golf.

Fun challenges under the shade of large oak trees

Test your skill and precision as you play under the benevolent shade of the great oaks.
Cleverly placed obstacles and mysterious tunnels guarantee moments of fun and enjoyment.

A relaxing experience in the heart of nature

Enjoy a relaxing mini-golf experience in enchanting natural surroundings.
Breathe in the fresh pre-alpine air and soak up the calm and natural beauty that surrounds you as you play.


A path adapted to all skill levels

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this mini-golf course offers challenges to suit all skill levels.
Each hole is designed to offer a stimulating experience, whatever your level of play.


A convivial game to share with friends and family

Invite your loved ones to join you for a friendly game full of laughter.
Create unforgettable memories by sharing moments of competition and camaraderie in this magnificent setting.


Explore the estate's treasures after your game

Once your game is over, take time to explore the treasures of the Grotte de Saint-Cézaire estate.
Visit the famous underground grotto, stroll along the picturesque hiking trails or relax and enjoy a picnic in the midst of nature.


A destination of choice for mini-golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike

The mini-golf course Grotte de Saint-Cézaire is an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
Combine your passion for the game with the exploration of an exceptional natural setting for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Experience magical moments in an exceptional natural setting

Create magical memories playing mini-golf in this exceptional natural setting.
Every shot becomes an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the surrounding nature and enjoy unforgettable moments with family and friends.