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La Grotte de Saint Cezaire


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Accrobranche PacaAdventure


Each day from february to november

Come discover one of the most fabulous underground treasures of the French Riviera.
"Recommended by the Michelin guide * ..."


Located in the Pays de Grasse, nearly 40 meters underground, the cave of Saint-Cézaire is open to the public from February 1st to November 11th. The fabulous spectacle of underground riches can be discovered from room to room: majestic draperies, grandiose stalactites, starry concretions, luminous jellyfish and sound show on musical stalactites.

Opening Time

Today is the 26 of may 2020.

In May the cave of saint cezaire is closed.

Diner Bistro l'Aragonite

A restaurant open every lunch puts on the menu the Provençal flavors in the service of a family kitchen (except Saturdays).

Discovery Path

Come and enjoy, in addition to the visit of the cave, this fully marked walk where are highlighted the most characteristic elements of the Mediterranean flora. Forty minutes of an outdoor break, at your convenience, before or after visiting the Cave ...

Our partners

Tree Top

Located on the site of the cave of Saint-Cézaire, the accrobranche "PACA Adventure" is composed of several levels of difficulty cumulating about 51 workshops. All courses are equipped with a continuous lifeline; enough to spend a moment of sports relaxation in complete safety. Minimum size 1 meter.