Close to Grasse

The cave of Saint-Cézaire is located in the country of Grasse about fifteen minutes from the capital of perfumes. The guided tour, commented in French and English, takes place over 200 m, about 40 m underground, on a course designed for easy access for the whole family.

- With 15 ° C, summer and winter, warm clothing is welcome and closed shoes are appropriate for wet soil. The fabulous spectacle of subterranean riches can be discovered from room to room: majestic draperies, grandiose stalactites, starry concretions, luminous jellyfish and a sound show on musical stalactites.

- On the site you have a large free parking, a path to discover the Mediterranean vegetation, a souvenir shop, a tree-climbing playground and a large wooded park of 5 hectares. A restaurant open for lunch all year round brings to the menu Provencal flavors serving a family kitchen.

6 million years ago

6 million years ago is born the cave of Saint Cézaire, unequaled realm of the imaginary and the marvelous. Discovered thanks to the providential spin of a farmer in 1890, it combines an exceptional wealth of concretions with fantastic forms of surprising beauty.

- The entire course is ideally landscaped and secure: access to the galleries is inside the cave building. Then, guided from room to room, the visitor will discover the spectacular underground landscapes of a grandiose universe, perfectly highlighted by an appropriate and discreet lighting.

- In these depths, the extraordinary pink and purple coloration of the columns contributes to the magic of the place. The extraordinary beauty of an authentic nature is combined with the imagination: bird with majestic empennage, stars, corals, jellyfish, surprising skull, not forgetting an astonishing skeleton of limestone.

- The tumultuous waters and centuries have brought the final touch. The chords of a magic keyboard of red organs hug the visitor with deep emotion.

Virtual Tour 360°

Full immersion thanks to a virtual tour of the cave.
We offer 2 panoramic, spherical photos to discover 2 parts of the cave as if you were there.

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And for good reason: there are two HD spherical photographs.

The menu bar at the bottom of each panorama allows you to start auto rotate mode, adjust zoom power, or switch to full screen mode.

Note that to exit the "full screen" mode simply press the Esc key.